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Should You Be Running Pay Per Click Ads?

With all the different ways that you can promote your business, how do you know if Pay Per Click Marketing is for you?

In order to benefit from Pay Per Click Advertising, you need to have a web presence. This can be a website, a blog, or even a Facebook page. This web presence should achieve a goal. That goal might be turning leads into sales, it might be collecting e-mail addresses for a mailing list, or it could be sharing information. Without a focused web presence, any kind of web marketing, including PPC, would be wasted dollars.

For a business with a web presence, such as a website, the goal is to direct traffic to that site so that the content will be seen. There are many ways to direct traffic to a webpage. You can put the web address on printed marketing collateral, and in your e-mail signature. Other websites or blogs can link to your site, sending visitors your way. You can improve your SEO so that you’ll come up in searches on Google or Bing. You can also incorporate a highly-targeted Pay Per Click Marketing strategy.

Of all the above mentioned ways to bring traffic to your site, PPC is the method you have the most control over. With Pay Per Click Advertising, you design your own ad, choose where and when that ad will appear, and test the ad through A/B testing. Other traffic-building strategies do not give you this kind of control. When printing your webpage on your marketing collateral, it becomes static, and no changes can be made until new collateral is printed. You cannot control which other sites choose to link to you. Even the best SEO strategy can fail overnight when search engines deploy changes to their algorithms.

A well-executed Pay Per Click Marketing campaign allows you to pick where your ad will be seen. You can create several different versions of your ad, and track the performance of each. You can then instantly change your ads based on how they are performing. This is called A/B testing, and allows you to use your results to boost the performance of the Pay Per Click Advertising.

Some novices argue against PPC because there is a hard cost involved. Each time a user clicks on your PPC ad, you are charged based on the current rate. However, there is a cost involved in all marketing, not just Pay Per Click Marketing. It takes both time and money to build your brand to a point where others are willing to link to your site. It takes time to learn the best SEO strategy, or the hiring of an SEO expert, in order to get top billing with search engines. An expert will tell you that although there is a hard cost relating to Pay Per Click Advertising, you are only paying each time the campaign delivers you results. With all the time and money you have invested in your web presence, results are what really matter.

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